FBI opens sweeping probe of clergy sex abuse in New Orleans

abcnews.go.com - 42 minutes ago
The FBI has opened a widening investigation into sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in New Orleans, looking specifically at whether priests took children across state lines to molest them...
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6/29: CBS News Mornings

www.cbsnews.com - 38 minutes ago
Cassidy Hutchinson's shocking Jan. 6 testimony; Impact of abortion ruling....
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Mom, teen brother arrested in NYC death of 7-year-old Julissia Batties

nypost.com - 36 minutes ago
The mother and brother of Julissia Batties -- who died last summer after she was found badly battered in her Bronx home -- have been arrested in connection to her murder....
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Baz Luhrmann turning his 2008 ‘Australia’ film into limited series

nypost.com - 38 minutes ago
The "Elvis" director is expanding on his 14-year-old romance drama and adapting it into miniseries....
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Delta warns of ‘potentially challenging’ July 4 travel disruptions

nypost.com - 40 minutes ago
“Delta people are working around the clock to rebuild Delta’s operation while making it as resilient as possible to minimize the ripple effect of disruptions,” the airline said....
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NYC pad where Bret Easton Ellis wrote ‘American Psycho’ asks $1.5M

nypost.com - 43 minutes ago
Ellis's East Village/Union Square digs, where he wrote "American Pyscho," are on the market for $1.5 million....
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Sesame Street uses Elmo to hype COVID vaccines for 3-year-olds

nypost.com - 46 minutes ago
"I remember when Sesame Street was cool. Now they are just another shill for the mainstream narrative training kids with propaganda," one critic sniped....
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NATO Formally Offers Sweden and Finland Membership to the Alliance

www.nytimes.com - 50 minutes ago
NATO’s invitation for Finland and Sweden to join the alliance comes one day after Turkey dropped its objections to their membership....
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NYC to announce lawsuit against ghost gun retailers who illegally sell parts

www.cnn.com - 43 minutes ago
New York City officials are scheduled to announce Wednesday the city is filing lawsuits against five retailers of so-called ghost guns....
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Cruise ship Norwegian Sun hits piece of an iceberg

www.cnn.com - 44 minutes ago
The cruise ship Norwegian Sun hit a piece of an iceberg on Saturday, sustaining damage to its starboard bow, according to a statement from the US Coast Guard (USCG)....
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Large fire breaks out at boys summer camp near Camp David

www.cnn.com - 45 minutes ago
A large fire is burning in the dining hall of a Maryland Jewish summer camp for boys, according to a statement posted to Camp Airy's social media Wednesday morning....
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For $10k, you can now stay in Dolly Parton's tour bus

www.cnn.com - 49 minutes ago
Dolly Parton's "Gypsy Wagon," the tour bus in which she wrote the hit song "9 to 5," is now available to rent at the country singer's Dollywood amusement park. A two-night stay for two people will cost $10,000....
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Disney Animated Children's Series 'Baymax' Features Transgender 'Man' Who Menstruates

www.breitbart.com - 55 minutes ago
In Disney's latest effort to smuggle transgender ideology into its entertainment for kids, the new animated Disney+ series "Baymax" features a transgender "man" who menstruates and gives advice on which maxi pad to buy -- "the one with wings."...
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FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr Calls on Apple, Google to Ban TikTok

www.breitbart.com - 54 minutes ago
Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has called on Apple and Google to ban the popular Chinese-owned video sharing app TikTok from their app marketplaces, arguing that it is sending sensitive user data on American citizens to Beijing....
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Oops: Richmond Fed Calls 'Do Over' On June Manufacturing Survey

www.breitbart.com - 58 minutes ago
The Richmond Fed misread its own survey data and produced a report that foretold a massive lurch into deflation and depression....
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Google Trends Data: Only Place in America Where J6 Cassidy Hutchinson Hearing Attracted More Interest than Gas was D.C.

www.breitbart.com - 15 hours ago
Washington, DC, is the only place in America where the January 6 Select Committee hearing, with Cassidy Hutchinson testifying, attracted more interest than gasoline, according to Google Trends Data....
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Mom who sought abortion dies. See her chilling texts hours before her death

www.cnn.com - 17 hours ago
Following the US Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, CNN's Melissa Bell takes a closer look at life in Poland - where abortion has been restricted for 30 years....
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See Melania Trump text that left former Trump press secretary 'sickened'

www.cnn.com - 2 hours ago
Former Trump White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has revealed a text exchange between her and former first lady Melania Trump asking to release a statement condemning any violence on January 6. The former first lady replied "No." Grisham shares...
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Marlin Briscoe, the 1st Black starting quarterback in the AFL, dies at 76

www.npr.org - 56 minutes ago
The Nebraska native was a star quarterback for Omaha University before the Denver Broncos drafted him as a cornerback in the 14th round in 1968. He wasn't allowed to compete for the QB job in 1969. (Image credit: Anonymous/AP)...
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Yemen car bomb targeting security official leaves 4 dead

abcnews.go.com - 53 minutes ago
A car bomb targeting a security official in the southern Yemen city of Aden has killed four people and wounded 10 others...
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