To cap off 2020, two major storms are bringing snow, rain and high winds. Lonnie Quinn has the forecast.
Published: 2020-12-29 06:58 pm
Storm systems to sweep across U.S. with heavy snow and rain

1/03: Slaoui, Garcetti, Hutchinson, Gottlieb, Jenkins - 1 month ago
This week on "Face the Nation," the government's plan to vaccine Americans is already showing signs of strain as the number of coronavirus cases and deaths climbs higher than ever, and concern over a new variant of the virus grows.
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Manhunt for gunman who ambushed 2 sheriff's deputies continues - 7 months ago
A massive manhunt is underway after two Los Angeles sheriff's deputies were critically hurt in an ambush attack. The deputies remain in critical condition, but the sheriff said Sunday they are expected to recover. Carter Evans reports.
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Crush of Obamacare signups expected before deadline - 4 months ago
Over 915,000 people signed up for Obamacare between November 29 and December 5.
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Transcript: Robert O'Brien on "Face the Nation" - 5 months ago
The following is a transcript of an interview with National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien that aired Sunday, October 25, 2020, on "Face the Nation."
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