CBS News projecting Democrat Raphael Warnock will win his Georgia Senate runoff, but the other election between Democratic Jon Ossoff and Republican Senator David Perdue is still too close to call. Now, Republicans and President Trump face a reckoning
Published: 2021-01-06 10:02 am
Trump and Republicans face reckoning as Democrats turn out in Georgia

How do coronavirus variants form and will the current vaccines work against them? - 4 weeks ago
New, mutated strains of the coronavirus are causing worry around the world as health officials race to vaccinate as many people as possible. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on why the new strains are popping up.
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AQAP claims Paris attack as Charlie Hebdo sells out - 2 weeks ago
A new video from the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claims responsibility for the attacks in Paris against satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The investigation into the attacks is ongoing, including the search for six accomplices who
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Instacart and Trader Joe's to pay workers to get vaccines - 3 months ago
Vaccine stipends, however, will be relatively small, generally less than $100.
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Iran executes wrestler whose case drew Trump's attention - 7 months ago
Iran's state TV is reporting that Navid Afkari was executed for allegedly murdering a man after President Trump asked for the 27-year-old's life to be spared.
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