The widow of the late Senator John McCain endorsed Joe Biden during the campaign. She tells Norah O'Donnell that Mr. Biden is "the perfect person" to be president during this tumultuous time.
Published: 2021-01-20 11:36 pm
Cindy McCain touts Biden as "ready" for presidency

Whistleblower says Veterans Affairs dramatically under-diagnosed traumatic brain injuries - 4 months ago
A whistleblower speaking out for the first time tells CBS News chief investigative correspondent Jim Axelrod that the New Orleans VA failed to properly assess more than 1,500 veterans for traumatic brain injuries. He says the consequences were deadly and
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Graham releases new details about source of Steele dossier - 5 months ago
Separately, other records released in spring 2020, cast doubt on the reliability of the dossier.
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Colorado wildfires show "climate change is here and now" - 4 months ago
As bad as this year has been, scientists warn it's "unlikely that the records from 2020 will stand for long."
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Coronavirus variant from South Africa found in U.S. for first time - 4 weeks ago
A faster-spreading variant of the coronavirus that was first identified in South Africa has now been found in two people in South Carolina. Dr. Krutika Kuppalli, an infectious disease physician at the Medical University of South Carolina, joins CBSN's "Re
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