In 2006 Scott Pelley took viewers into the vast archive, which contained millions of Nazi Holocaust documents kept out of the public eye for more than 60 years.
Published: 2021-01-27 01:32 pm
From the 60 Minutes archive: Hitler’s secret archive

Winter storms delay distribution of 6 million vaccines - 2 weeks ago
Thousands of vaccination appointments have been canceled as distribution has been slowed by winter weather. Adriana Diaz takes a look.
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Jetliner hits brown bear while landing in Alaska - 4 months ago
Kills it but cub that was with it wasn't hurt, officials said. It wasn't clear how they got on the runway.
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NFL legend Gale Sayers dies at 77 - 5 months ago
Sayers is well-known for his seven seasons with the Chicago Bears, which helped him become the youngest player ever inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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A Death in Payson Canyon - 1 week ago
A teen’s death appeared to be a suicide -- but investigators say she was helped by a friend who recorded it and weeks earlier texted “it's like getting away with murder.” CBS News correspondent David Begnaud reports.
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