The Midwest is already in a deep freeze due to a polar vortex, with arctic air expected to descend to the Gulf Coast. Also, the CDC director said it is too early for communities to begin relaxing their mask mandates. All that and all that matters in
Published: 2021-02-15 07:55 am
Eye Opener: Arctic air brings freezing temperatures to Midwest

Donald Trump faces backlash ahead of second presidential debate - 2 weeks ago
Donald Trump is under fire for sexually explicit comments he made in 2005. Bruce Levell, executive director of The National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump, joins CBSN to discuss the GOP nominee's relationship with women and minorities.
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Nature: Yellowstone National Park - 1 month ago
This week's moment in nature leaves you in the winter stillness of Yellowstone National Park.
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Bill Whitaker reports from Burma in 1990 - 4 weeks ago
CBS News' Bill Whitaker was in Rangoon for the first multi-party election in 30 years
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"Deflate-Gate" continues - 1 month ago
WBZ-TV Sports Director Steve Burton discusses New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and star quarterback Tom Brady speaking out about the controversy over deflated footballs in the AFC championship game
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