A Los Angeles County official details the moments following Tiger Woods' car accident, saying when he arrived on scene Woods seemed "calm and lucid."
Published: 2021-02-23 06:45 pm
Official details speaking with Woods in moments following accident

The greeting that could help get us through this

www.cnn.com - 11 months ago
We humans were meant to be social animals. We thrived on connection, community and kinship. When we met up with other humans, it wasn't enough to simply be there with them; we felt an urge to instantly bond with them. And so we kissed, we hugged, we shook
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Skydiving planes collide; all jump

www.cnn.com - 7 years ago
A weekend midair collision over northern Wisconsin sent one small plane careening...
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West Nile virus paralyzes Arizona man

www.cnn.com - 5 years ago
An Arizona man's legs are paralyzed after he contracted the West Nile virus from a...
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US billionaires' fortunes have skyrocketed $845 billion since March

www.cnn.com - 6 months ago
Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of America's billionaires saw their fortunes skyrocket over the past six months during the coronavirus pandemic — while millions of Americans are now earning less than they were before the crisis began,
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