The US intelligence report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi says that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was responsible, saying he approved the operation to capture or kill Khashoggi. "We base this assessment on the Crown Prince's control of
Published: 2021-02-26 01:44 pm
Katilan Collins: This is a damning report

As a voice for social justice, the legacy of Patrick Mahomes grows - 2 months ago
Patrick Mahomes already has several athletic accolades at the age of 25.
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Dollar General will pay its workers to get a Covid-19 vaccine - 3 months ago
Dollar General wants its employees to get Covid-19 vaccines, so it's offering to pay them to do it.
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Former Philadelphia officer is indicted for murder in 2017 shooting of unarmed Black man - 6 months ago
A former Philadelphia police officer was indicted on murder charges Friday in the 2017 shooting death of an unarmed Black man, prosecutors say.
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ChloƩ Zhao makes history at Golden Globes - 1 month ago
ChloƩ Zhao has made Golden Globes history.
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