Jeff Williams, the mayor of Arlington, Texas, is urging his fellow Republicans to support President Biden's Covid-19 relief bill to help local cities recover from the pandemic.
Published: 2021-03-03 02:59 pm
Why this Republican is urging the GOP to support Biden's Covid-19 bill

Ahmaud Arbery's death sparked some policy change, but one year later his family still awaits justice - 2 months ago
Wanda Cooper-Jones never imagined having to live life without her son Ahmaud Arbery.
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A Hong Kong teenager's death became a magnet for conspiracies, and exposed deep problems in how the city operates - 7 months ago
The crowd recoiled as tear gas canisters rained down on them and riot police advanced up the street, carrying shields and batons.
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Emotional flight attendants say farewell after being furloughed - 6 months ago
Flight attendants record emotional goodbyes after nearly 32,000 airline workers were furloughed following industry job cuts.
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Ghana president warns of health system overload - 3 months ago
Ghana's Covid-19 infection rates are skyrocketing and include new strains of the virus not before seen in the country, filling treatment centres and threatening to overwhelm the health system, President Nana Akufo-Addo said on Sunday.
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