President Biden criticized the governors of Texas and Mississippi after they lifted their states’ mask mandates and other coronavirus restrictions. Health experts are warning "now is not the time" to ease restrictions as new variants continue to spread.
Published: 2021-03-03 08:46 pm
President Biden criticizes Texas and Mississippi for lifting mask mandates

Employers giving workers paid time off to get COVID-19 shot - 2 months ago
Target is also covering the cost of transportation for its 350,000 workers to get immunized.
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New Jersey whiz kid wins National Geographic Bee - 1 week ago
Karan Menon proved his worldly knowledge Wednesday, even offering a challenge for the judges. Chip Reid reports from the National Geographic headquarters in Washington.
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Bluesman could be the most unlikely Grammy nominee - 4 weeks ago
Jimmy "Duck" Holmes doesn't write music, but he's nominated for a Grammy Award for his unique songs. Steve Hartman shares his story in this week's "On the Road."
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Teens arrested for "knockout game" violence in Memphis - 3 weeks ago
The violent knockout game has become increasingly popular around the country. The goal is to knockout strangers with a single punch. A mob of Memphis teens attacked a man as he attempted to enter his car. Don Dahler reports.
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