A strong storm hit Southern California Wednesday, bringing hail, snow and heavy rain to the area.
Published: 2021-03-04 06:42 am
Hail and snow hit Southern California, Northeast sees another cold blast

The hail was so heavy that it covered the ground in San Diego and 1 to 2 inches of rain fell.

Snow fell east of Los Angeles and on Mount Laguna near San Diego.

Mount Laguna saw about 5 inches.

On Thursday morning the storm is moving through the central Rocky Mountains with heavy snow -- up to 10 inches.

In the afternoon and evening, the storm will move into the Plains and could bring strong to severe thunderstorms with damaging winds to Kansas, Oklahoma and parts of the Texas Panhandle.

Meanwhile, in the Northeast, the Spring-like weather is over, and much colder air is expected to move in Thursday afternoon and night.

On Thursday afternoon, gusty winds at 25 to 35 mph will usher Arctic air into all of the Northeast.

They could reach up to 50 mph.

By Friday morning, wind chills are expected to dip to single digits and teens for the I-95 corridor and even below zero in upstate New York and into northern New England.

A wind chill advisory has been issued for New Hampshire and Maine, where wind chills could be as low as 25 below zero.

There are also various rivers in the Mid-South that are still in major and moderate flood stages.

The Kentucky and Ohio rivers will continue to rise for the next 24 to 48 hours and will crest either Friday afternoon or night.

Kentucky likely won't see rain for six days, however, so after the rivers crest, they are expected to slowly recede through the weekend into early next week.

On Thursday morning, still 16 states have flood alerts for rivers and streams that are running out of their banks from Texas to Ohio.

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