Greg McDermott called his remarks “an awful mistake” and said he had offered to resign. He may return in time for the N.C.A.A. tournament.
Published: 2021-03-05 09:07 am
Creighton Suspends Greg McDermott Over ‘Plantation’ Pep Talk - The New York Times
New York Times
I made a mistake and I own it, he wrote. Asked after Wednesdays game against Villanova about his remarks to the team or any potential punishment he faced from the university, McDermott declined to r… [+1360 chars]
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New California Variant May Be Driving Virus Surge There, Study Suggests - The New York Times

New York Times - 4 months ago
Researchers found that the variant originated in California and showed up in more than half of samples tested last week by researchers in Los Angeles.
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Biden Freezes Trump’s Withdrawal of 12,000 Troops From Germany - The New York Times

New York Times - 3 months ago
The move halts a Trump administration decision to shift some units to Belgium and Italy and bring others home, a plan that had rankled European leaders and angered lawmakers in both parties.
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Corbyn Reinstated by U.K. Labour Party Three Weeks After Suspension - The New York Times

New York Times - 6 months ago
The decision, coming three weeks after the party suspended Jeremy Corbyn, the ex-Labour leader, provoked anger from some British Jews, who said his attempts to clarify his comments were inadequate.
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