Omar Tate was named "Chef of The Year" by Esquire, but he has plans way beyond just running a restaurant. Tate's combination of cooking, poetry and art is also delivering powerful messages. Jeff Glor sits down with Tate as he puts together a dinner for
Published: 2021-03-06 09:46 am
Chef Omar Tate on cooking, poetry, and future goals

Baltimore's painted screens - 2 weeks ago
Jan Crawford explores a unique folk art tradition going back 100 years - once seen on nearly every row house in the working class neighborhoods of Baltimore, Md. - as artists today once again embrace the tradition of painted window screens, an authentic
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Ukraine crisis: Diplomats reach deal to ease tensions - 3 weeks ago
After nearly seven hours of negotiations, representatives from the U.S., European Union, Ukraine and Russia reached a deal laying out concrete steps meant to restore security in Ukraine. Margaret Brennan reports.
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Eric Holder: Justice Department investigating high-speed trading - 3 weeks ago
Attorney General Eric Holder says the Department of Justice is investigating high-speed trading, which critics allege provides big investors an unfair advantage.
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"Entourage" heads to the big screen - 1 week ago
The boys are back! It's hard to believe that it's been nearly five years since 'Entourage' stepped off the small screen. But now they are making a comeback with a box office debut on the horizon. CBSN's Vinita Nair and Elaine Quijano have more on the
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