A mother shared a video of her two sons on social media, where the older child is helping his younger brother calm down with breathing exercises.
Published: 2021-03-17 01:35 pm
See how a 6-year-old helped his little brother calm down

Voted already? Here are 50 ways to get through the rest of the day

www.cnn.com - 6 months ago
You did it. You voted.
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Arrests and deportations of immigrants in US illegally drop under Biden with shift in priorities

www.cnn.com - 1 month ago
The number of people arrested and deported for being in the US illegally has dropped under President Joe Biden after his administration narrowed its enforcement focus to those who may pose a threat or have criminal backgrounds, marking a shift from the
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USC footballer: 'OK, I'm blind ... Now let's deal with it'

www.cnn.com - 3 years ago
At 12 years old, Jake Olson faced a choice many adults can't even make: He could either sit around feeling sorry for himself, or he could pick up the pieces and take control of his life.
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The best ring lights of 2020

www.cnn.com - 9 months ago
Ring lights are exactly what they sound like: a strip of LEDs built into a halo apparatus that provides flattering light without creating shadows or harsh lines.
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