Brian Chesky, CEO and co-founder of Airbnb, talks about his company's new plans to provide hospitality across an entire trip.
Published: 2021-03-19 02:32 pm
Airbnb CEO on company's new focus on hospitality

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Seven months pass before warrant issued in alleged UNC rape case - 2 weeks ago
An arrest warrant was issued for a University of North Carolina football player accused of sexual assault on Tuesday. But the alleged attack was seven months ago and his accuser says police, prosecutors and the university were slow to take action. Vinita
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Portland protests reach 100 consecutive days this weekend - 8 months ago
Demonstrations in Portland started in late May after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
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Oprah Winfrey and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz talk to "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about their new venture in creating Winfrey's own Teavana blend called Oprah Chai.
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Typhoon's remnants continue to batter Pacific Northwest - 2 weeks ago
Despite torrential rain, flooding and a tornado, forecasters say a monster storm hasn't finished bashing the Pacific Northwest. The damaging system is the remnant of a powerful typhoon, which has left tens of thousands of people without power. Ben Tracy
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