The number of cancer survivors in the U.S. will grow from 14.5 million today to almost 19 million ten years from now, according to a new report from the American Cancer Society. CBS News spoke with Dr. Kevin Oeffinger, director of the adult long-term
Published: 2021-03-21 10:42 am
More Americans are surviving cancer than ever before

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Dan Ackerman in the Toyota Green Room - 1 month ago
In this edition of “Sounds of the Toyota Green Room,” CNET senior editor Dan Ackerman chats with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King about phone encryption.
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Donald Trump calls nomination process "rigged" as Ted Cruz cuts into delegate lead - 1 month ago
Republican front-runner Donald Trump continued his feud with the RNC over the weekend, calling the presidential nomination process "rigged" and "crooked." With analysis, CBS' Major Garrett talks with CBSN from the Trump Tower in New York City.
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Still no answers in deadly Baltimore police incident - 1 month ago
A man named Freddie Gray died Sunday, a week after he was hurt following being taken into police custody. According to Mark Albert, police will not say why he was originally stopped.
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White House unveils proposal to overhaul tax code - 2 weeks ago
President Trump announced his long-awaited "massive" tax overhaul -- but it appeared skimpy on details. CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett joined CBSN to discuss the implications and the impact it would have on the national debt.
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