The weekend of NFL action was marred by two more high-profile players being benched over domestic violence accusations. Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and CBS Sports NFL analyst Bill Cowher joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the state of the
Published: 2021-03-25 02:57 am
Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher on domestic violence in NFL

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The January 6 trial that will set the standard for hundreds to follow - 12 months ago
Guy Reffitt, charged with bringing a firearm to the Capitol attack, will be the first alleged rioter to face a jury, as the ongoing pandemic complicates his high-profile case.
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Malaysia Airlines search tactics to rely on human eye - 2 years ago
Military search planes returned empty handed after a day of searching the Indian Ocean for any sign of the objects spotted by a satellite. Stormy weather and choppy seas have hampered the international search effort in the remote region. Holly Williams
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Che said he does not want to leave his wife and five-year-old son behind, but he struggles to envision a future for them on the hillside.
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Violence between Israeli and Palestinian forces continues to escalate, with a building containing foreign media getting destroyed by an Israeli airstrike early Saturday. After six days of fighting, over 140 Palestinians and 10 Israelis are dead. Imtiaz
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