Just in time for the holiday shopping season, there's a whole new crop of fitness trackers, even ones for your kids and pets. Sumi Das takes a look at the latest fitness trackers in this CNET holiday gift guide.
Published: 2021-03-28 03:24 am
CNET gift guide: Fitness trackers

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Alastair Campbell on how winners succeed

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Campbell spent more than a decade advising Tony Blair, helping Blair win three terms as British prime minister. Campbell witnessed pivotal moments with world leaders, business innovators and royalty. Campbell joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss his latest
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U.S. officials ramp up security in wake of U.K. attack

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Baltimore fights crime with teen curfew

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Baltimore is moving aggressively against rising crime by tightening a curfew to get young people off the streets. As Michelle Miller reports, they'll have to get home earlier, or their parents will pay.
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