In an interview with BBC, singer Billie Eilish said internet trolls and"cancel culture"make it harder for her to engage with fans online.
Published: 2020-02-20 08:00 am
Billie Eilish: Internet comments were ruining my life

What's fueling the opioid epidemic? - 4 years ago
Why do opioid deaths seem to happen in spurts? Experts weigh in, and explain how the opioid epidemic is more complicated than it may seem.
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Al Gore on what makes this election different from 2000 - 6 months ago
CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks with former Democratic presidential nominee, Al Gore, about the similarities and differences between the 2020 presidential election, and the election Gore lost back in 2000.
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Trump seen golfing after vowing to 'work tirelessly' - 4 months ago
President Donald Trump hit the links at his private golf course in Florida despite pledging to "work tirelessly" through the holiday season amid a looming economic crisis.
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Man leads Philadelphia police in bizarre ambulance chase - 1 year ago
A man stole an ambulance in Philadelphia and led police officers on a chase for more than an hour Friday night, police said.
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