Largest hotel in the world set to be built in Mecca; Kenyan lawyer offers President Obama dowry for Malia; scenes from 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 to be filmed in Spain; and a robotic kitchen that does the cooking for you.
Published: 2021-04-04 05:04 am
World headlines: May 26, 2015

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Virginia's governor race in final stretch with two weeks left before Election Day - 3 months ago
The race for governor in Virginia is in its final stretch with just two weeks to go before Election Day. Former Governor Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate, and Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin have clashed on several issues related to schools fro
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Key issues facing Trump in the new year - 9 months ago
President Trump is back in Washington and getting ready to meet with GOP leaders about this year's agenda. Washington Post political reporter Jordan Frasier joins CBSN with a look at the key issues.
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Time may be running out for Big Ben - 10 months ago
London's Big Ben has been chiming out the hours for 156 years. But it turns out the ancient clockwork - a charming example of Victorian engineering - is a bit temperamental, and problems with accuracy (last summer it was a whole six seconds out of whack)
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Norah O'Donnell reflects on America's resolve - 1 year ago
"CBS Evening News" anchor and managing editor Norah O'Donnell reminds us that the U.S. government remains "of people, by the people, for the people."
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