A new poll shows Donald Trump with a huge lead in the Republican presidential race. According to Quinnipiac, 28 percent of Republicans support Trump. Ben Carson is second with 12 percent. Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are tied for third. The poll
Published: 2021-04-07 02:44 pm
Gov. Christie on gun control, 2016 election polls and Trump

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Donald Trump to meet with President Obama, Speaker Ryan

www.cbsnews.com - 3 weeks ago
Donald Trump has a busy day in Washington after winning the presidential election. He is meeting with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office and then Speaker Paul Ryan on Capitol Hill. Political contributor Kevin Sheridan joins CBSN with more.
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Eagle crash lands into nest

www.cbsnews.com - 1 month ago
Nick Dietz compiles some of the latest and greatest viral videos, including an eagle flubbing her nest landing on a live webcam and Jamie O'Brien surfing the Teahupo'o while on fire. To see these videos in their entirety, click HERE.
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Hunter Biden says he's under FBI investigation while President Trump praises new election lawsuit

www.cbsnews.com - 5 months ago
Hunter Biden has revealed that he's been under an FBI investigation into his taxes since 2018. This new legal development comes as President Trump praises a new lawsuit in Texas attempting to overthrow multiple states' election results. Ed O'Keefe reports
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Pat Summitt: "I am very demanding"

www.cbsnews.com - 4 weeks ago
n 1999, basketball coach Pat Summitt told 60 Minutes that she's as tough on herself as she is on her team. Summitt has died at age 64
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