After NASA confirmed Monday the evidence of flowing water on Mars, many wondered if life can exist on the red planet. The possibility of survival on Mars is explored in Scott's new film starring Matt Damon. Scott is best known for his sci-fi classics
Published: 2021-04-08 07:38 pm
Director Ridley Scott on "The Martian" and water on Mars

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Sullivan says Biden ready for Iran talks, vows "seen and unseen" response to SolarWinds hack - 5 months ago
Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser, says President Biden is "prepared to go to the table" with Iran over the country's nuclear program.
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Manhunt for Alabama man accused of killing 3 people - 3 months ago
Police in Alabama are searching for an armed suspect accused of killing three people in a mobile home. CBSN's Stephanie Sy has the latest details on the search.
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Bob Schieffer interviews U.K. PM David Cameron - 4 months ago
British Prime Minister David Cameron discusses the current terror threats to Europe with CBS News' Bob Schieffer. Cameron remarks on Islamist terrorism and how it is a perversion of religion, and discusses the new home bases of terrorism.
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Meet Bozoma Saint John: The woman tasked with fixing Uber's image - 3 months ago
Uber is trying to move past recent scandals and the resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick by changing its corporate culture. Those scandals include sexual assault allegations and safety issues. The ride-hailing giant hired Bozoma Saint John as its Chief Bran
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