In 2006, the Adams County, Ill., coroner labeled the cause of Cory Lovelace's death "undetermined." The case was closed until 2012, when a newly-promoted Quincy detective reopened the case and uncovered what he believed was the cause of death: suffocation
Published: 2021-04-14 02:45 am
Maher to jurors: Would Curtis Lovelace have been convicted in 2006?

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Dr. Anthony Fauci on COVID-19 variants, latest on vaccines, concerns as spring approaches - 2 months ago
Dr. Anthony Fauci joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the latest on COVID-19 variants and vaccines.
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Russia continues misinformation campaign against U.S. - 6 hours ago
In a piece published Monday in The Washington Post, former congressman Mike Rogers and former deputy and acting director of the CIA, Michael Morell, wrote that Russia has not stopped interfering in U.S. affairs after its involvement in the 2016 election.
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Hillary Rodham Clinton on her past and possible future - 2 months ago
The jockeying has already begun to see who will run for President of the United States in 2016 - and one of the names mentioned most often is Hillary Rodham Clinton. But is the country ready for another Clinton administration? Contributing correspondent
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This and That: Legal cookies and more - 1 week ago
"Sunday Morning" follows up on recent stories and viewer mail - from a recent court decision about a Wisconsin law that prevented home bakers from selling homemade cookies, to reaction to our recent "Almanac" on author Ian Fleming. Jane Pauley reports.
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