Food Network host Guy Fieri has been a restaurant industry icon for decades, so when the pandemic crippled the entire sector, he decided to use his platform to serve members of the community still struggling to make ends meet. Caitlin O'Kane has more with
Published: 2021-04-14 10:53 am
Guy Fieri helps raise $25 million for restaurant workers in need

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Trump to Calif. judge: "See you in the Supreme Court!" - 1 week ago
President Trump's executive order to cut funds for sanctuary cities has been blocked by a federal judge in San Francisco. The Washington Post's Ed O'Keefe discusses the latest blow to the White House.
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Chipotle's E. coli breaks out on the East coast - 4 weeks ago
The growing E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle restaurant has officials saying the bacterial has now infected restaurant goers in three more states: California, New York, and Ohio. That’s in addition to previously confirmed cases in Washington, Oregon an
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Hospital uses art lessons to improve medical practice - 4 weeks ago
Medicine is an art as much as a science. An innovative program at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital teaches physicians in training to use their eyes and ears to connect with patients and enhance the practice of medicine. By day, members of the
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Doctors losing licenses amid opioid epidemic - 3 weeks ago
Dozens of medical nonprofit groups pleaded with hospital regulators to tighten national rules for prescribing painkillers because of a growing opioid epidemic. In West Virginia, seven doctors have lost their licenses after the state started a crackdown on
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