Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz picked up an important endorsement from his former rival, Jeb Bush. He is also celebrating a win in Utah's caucuses. But Cruz is facing a backlash over his proposal to target Muslim Americans after the Brussels
Published: 2021-04-15 06:49 am
Ted Cruz defends proposal to patrol Muslim communities

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President Trump and President Putin to meet at the G20 summit - 6 days ago
President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon meet at the G20 summit. They are expected to discuss Syria, Ukraine and North Korea. It is unclear if President Trump will bring up anything related to Russian election meddling. CBS News chie
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Obama accepts Shinseki's resignation as head of VA - 2 months ago
Embattled VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned as head of Veteran's Affairs. Shinseki had been under fire for mismanagement at VA health care facilities.
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Eye Opener: Emotional testimony marked day 2 of Derek Chauvin trial - 1 month ago
Emotional testimony by several witnesses marked the second day in the Derek Chauvin trial. Also, new images inside a Customs and Border Protection facility in Texas show severe overcrowding of migrant children and families. All that and all that matters i
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Reading minds with an MRI machine - 8 months ago
Ten years ago, 60 Minutes met a team of scientists at Carnegie Mellon University who had begun to decode simple thoughts inside the brain. Now they've moved on to identifying complex thoughts from spirituality to suicide
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