The race for the Democratic presidential nomination tightened after the Wisconsin primary; Barry Petersen spent some time with the team that has lived through three wars, but still find joy in jumping and competing.
Published: 2021-04-15 08:48 pm
4/7: Democratic race heats up as New York primary nears; War keeps Palestinian parkour team from championships

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The heads of Facebook, Twitter, and Google testify Thursday before Congress over what role their platforms play in the spread of dangerous disinformation. CBSN technology reporter Dan Patterson joined CBSN with a preview of what to expect.
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Trump's visit to Ginsburg's casket at Supreme Court met with boos - 8 months ago
Onlookers at the Supreme Court loudly booed and chanted, "vote him out" as Trump stood by Ginsburg's casket.
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Report finds COVID-19 deaths may be double those reported - 1 week ago
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When the Mayor of Yamato heard about Biden's projected win, he said "it was like a personal victory for me, too." Now the Japanese have all the jokes.
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