In today's highly competitive marketplace an ad campaign's "pitch" needs to be pitch perfect - creating characters that consumers come to know and trust. Nancy Giles reports on the actors who play the characters we take to heart when they're selling their
Published: 2021-04-15 10:42 pm
TV commercial spokespeople tell all

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Snipers unleash dozens of bullets in Dallas police ambush - 3 weeks ago
An attack in Dallas, described as an ambush, has killed five police officers during an otherwise peaceful protest. The city's mayor said that seven more officers and two civilians were wounded. Police have three suspects in custody, and the mayor says a
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Human trafficking survivors recall horror inside stifling trailer - 4 days ago
Survivors who were locked in the back of a sweltering 18-wheeler as it traveled to San Antonio, Texas, with no air conditioning or water are speaking out. Ten people have died and dozens more are in the hospital. Mark Strassmann reports.
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How Hillary Clinton is appealing to women voters and the middle class - 2 weeks ago
Actress Erika Alexander joins CBSN's Josh Elliott after speaking at the Democratic convention. In her remarks, Alexander said Clinton is the better choice for president because she will help working families.
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Gaza emergency rooms struggling to treat wounded - 1 month ago
As Israeli bombs continue to rain down on Gaza, many towns have been all but abandoned. While the streets are empty, the city's main hospital is overwhelmed with the wounded, and medical supplies are beginning to run out. Barry Petersen reports.
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