John Kasich says he “won’t go there” in measuring the qualifications of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. With the Republican National Convention fast approaching, the Ohio governor aims to win over conservative democrats and independents for
Published: 2021-04-15 10:45 pm
John Kasich: Let voters decide if Hillary Clinton is qualified

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Flash Points: How is the U.S. strategy in Iraq changing? - 1 month ago
CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent Jeff Pegues and CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate discuss the shift in U.S. military policy on the ground in Iraq.
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Making decisions is an important part of our daily routine, but did you know that our style of deciding may impact our emotional state? Wall Street Journal columnist Elizabeth Bernstein joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss her article and the difference
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Trump strikes Syria: What's next? - 1 week ago
Former CIA deputy director and CBS News security analyst Michael Morell discusses President Trump's order to strike an air base in Syria.
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Video released by Lane County's Sheriff's Office in Oregon shows man hitting himself multiple times in the face
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