Published: 2021-04-16 05:54 pm
Mother of suspect in FedEx shooting said in 2020 he might try to 'commit suicide by cop'

The suspect in the Indianapolis mass shooting was known to federal and local authorities prior to the attack. A family member of the suspected shooter reached out to authorities warning about the suspect’s potential for violence, according to three law enforcement sources briefed on the matter. 

It was not clear when the warning was given but the outreach was followed up by both local authorities and FBI, which opened a preliminary investigation into any possible threat, the sources said.

The FBI eventually closed their inquiry after concluding there wasn’t sufficient evidence to continue it, according to the sources who did not specify why federal investigators dropped the matter. 

The suspect has not been publicly identified. The FBI is helping Indianapolis Metro Police Department “on the search of the suspects home,” the FBI special agent in charge Paul Keenan said at a Friday morning news conference.

Asked whether authorities had any indication this attack would occur, police said no.

“We’re still working with FedEx security for anything that might have been an indication this was going to happen right now,” said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief Craig McCartt, at the same Friday briefing.

A spokesperson for the police department declined to comment about CNN’s reporting.

“Well once we positively identify who he is, we will be able to research further,” spokesperson Genae Cook said.

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