Delrish Moss was planning to retire in September after more than three decades as a cop. That all changed when he got an emergency call to overhaul the Ferguson, Missouri police department. Jeff Pegues spoke with him about the task ahead.
Published: 2021-04-17 02:54 am
Ferguson hires first African American police chief

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Don't sweat the cholesterol, says government panel - 1 month ago
In news that may be confusing to many watching their diet, a government advisory committee said cholesterol was no longer a "nutrient of concern." Dr. Jon LaPook explains what that means.
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America's oldest WWII veteran gets a helping hand - 5 months ago
At 111 years old, New Orleans resident Lawrence Brooks is believed to be the country's oldest living World War II veteran. Upon celebrating his latest birthday, during a call with the state's governor, Brooks mentioned his leaky roof. The state quickly
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Kentucky clerk remains in jail; marriage licenses issued - 1 month ago
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis spent a second day in jail Friday for her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses. As CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds reports, one of her deputies did issue licenses.
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Businesses oppose N. Dakota bill that would ban mask mandates - 2 months ago
Proposal to ban organizations from requiring people to wear facial coverings is drawing fire from local businesses.
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