Pope Francis says he is creating a commission to study the possibility of allowing women to serve as deacons in the church. The pontiff revealed the decision during a question and answer session at the Vatican.
Published: 2021-04-17 03:40 am
Pope Francis to study possibility of female deacons

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Georgia Senate candidates debate voter fraud claims, COVID-19 pandemic

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The Senate runoff campaigns in Georgia are heating up as Senator Kelly Loeffler and Rev. Raphael Warnock went head-to-head in a debate, but Senator David Perdue didn't show up for his, leaving the stage to his Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff. CBS News'
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Christie: Differentiate radical Islamic jihadists from Muslim community

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Governor Chris Christie, R-New Jersey, says politicians should use the term “radical Islamic jihadist” to help distinguish terrorists from the rest of the Muslim community. The GOP presidential candidate cautions politicians to pay special attention to
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Will the U.S.-Cuba policy shift mean access to Cuban cigars?

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Amid an historic policy change between the two nations, many wonder if increased relations mean more tourism and business, including cigar imports.
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Republicans and Democrats helped fund infamous Trump dossier

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The now-infamous dossier detailing unconfirmed ties between President Trump and Russia was partly funded by the Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC, as well as anti-Trump Republicans during the 2016 presidential election. CBS News justice and homeland
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