Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is criticizing GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump for comments he made about a Mexican-American judge, calling Trump's remarks "indefensible." Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez and Democratic strategist Lis Smith join
Published: 2021-04-18 03:44 am
Paul Ryan: Trump's remarks "indefensible"

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Will elephants soon become extinct?

www.cbsnews.com - 3 weeks ago
A new study shows a drastic decline in the African elephant population, which dropped by 30 percent in less than a decade. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta joins CBSN with more.
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The Jobs Czar: General Electric's Jeffrey Immelt

www.cbsnews.com - 2 months ago
Can General Electric Chairman Jeffrey Immelt, whose company has been racking up big profits overseas, help create jobs in America? Lesley Stahl interviews the man President Obama chose to lead the crucial quest for more American jobs.
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Vice President Biden on State of the Union, cooperation with Congress and ISIS strategy

www.cbsnews.com - 1 month ago
Vice President Joe Biden joins "CBS This Morning" from Washington to discuss President Obama's State of the Union address and recent reports of shots fired near his Delaware home.
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Trump's business ventures raise diplomacy questions

www.cbsnews.com - 3 weeks ago
Donald Trump's business ventures have come under scruntiny as his presidential campaign gains momentum. Could Trump's global business interests pose a conflict if he's elected? Washington Post senior correspondent Kevin Sullivan joins CBSN to discuss.
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