Donald Trump seemingly had a softer tone after his win in California. This comes amid backlash from the Republican party for some remarks he made about a Mexican-American judge that have been criticized as racist. However, the billionaire businessman is
Published: 2021-04-18 04:46 am
Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is the last thing the U.S. needs

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Antibiotics overuse linked to weight gain, new book says - 2 months ago
There is new concern over another possible effect of antibiotics: obesity. Dr. Martin Blaser talks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about the link. Blaser is the director of the human micro-biome program at the New York University School of Medicine, an
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How can President Trump heal the nation's divide? - 2 weeks ago
Much of the nation was expecting President Trump to use his first moments of the inauguration to unite the nation, but that's not what they got in his first speech. Slate's chief political corespondent and CBS News political analyst Jamelle Bouie and New
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L.A. EMS workers told not to transport patients who likely won't survive - 4 months ago
The agency also issued a directive directing ambulance crews to administer less oxygen.
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Outgoing Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe on the race - 2 days ago
Virginia voters on Tuesday chose Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam as their next governor. Outgoing Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe weighs in on the election and future of his party's future.
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