Vice President Joe Biden slammed Donald Trump's comments about a federal judge, calling the remarks "reprehensible and racist." Biden took aim at the presumptive GOP nominee at a conference in Washington D.C. on Thursday night. Elaine Quijano has details.
Published: 2021-04-18 06:14 am
VP Joe Biden blasts Donald Trump

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All across the globe, Snapchat users are posting their tributes to Muhammad Ali on a Snapchat live button named "Ali: The Greatest." The live button shows an outpouring of support from a variety of users like rappers Kanye West and Big Sean paying their
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Trump Jr. on meeting: "I probably would have done things a little differently" - 7 days ago
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Northern California rocked by strong earthquake - 2 months ago
A magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area, the strongest there in 25 years. The ground began shaking early Sunday morning and was especially fierce in Napa Valley. John Blackstone reports.
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