Police around the country are on alert after the police ambush tragedy in Dallas. Five officers were killed by snipers. Kris Van Cleave reports with what departments are doing to protect their own.
Published: 2021-04-19 07:57 am
Police on alert nationwide after Dallas ambush

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New Orleans, 10 years after Katrina

www.cbsnews.com - 4 weeks ago
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still on the road to recovery. CBS "Sunday Morning" correspondent Tracy Smith reflects on the storm for CBSN.
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Pentagon releases report on botched bombing of hospital in Afghanistan

www.cbsnews.com - 3 weeks ago
Sixteen people have been disciplined, but no one will face criminal charges after a Doctors Without Borders hospital was mistakenly bombed during a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan. More than 40 people were killed. David Martin has more.
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Apple's new masked emoji smiling behind face covering

www.cbsnews.com - 7 months ago
A subtle change in line with guidance that everyone, not just those who are sick, should wear masks during pandemic.
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Department of Justice announces it will investigate Casey Goodson Jr. police shooting

www.cbsnews.com - 5 months ago
The family of Casey Goodson Jr. says the 23-year-old was a law-abiding citizen who was wrongfully shot by a police officer while he was entering his home, and died in his kitchen in front of horrified family members. But authorities say he was seen waving
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