Following a sexual harassment accusation, Fox News head Roger Ailes is reportedly in the midst of exit negotiations with Fox News. Vinita Nair has more.
Published: 2021-04-19 07:56 pm
Roger Ailes may be on his way out at Fox News

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Bernie Sanders calls for “political revolution” - 1 month ago
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders discusses the Democratic frustration with the growing power of Wall Street
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Families return to hardest hit areas week after Hurricane Irma devastated Florida - 2 weeks ago
One week after Hurricane Irma slammed Florida, the state is staggering to its feet. In the devastated Florida Keys, tap water isn't safe for drinking. Sunday, families and business owners were finally allowed to return the lower Keys -- but were warned,
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Marlowe named a Shakespeare co-writer - 3 weeks ago
Oxford University Press announced its new edition of Shakespeare's complete works will name Christopher Marlowe as a co-author. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has more on why this happened.
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ISIS militants release 49 Turkish hostages - 2 months ago
ISIS released 49 hostages who returned to Turkey. The joyous scenes of the homecoming were in stark contrast to the familiar beheading of American journalists and a British aid worker. Charlie D’Agata reports.
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