The third night of the Republican National Convention was supposed to be Gov. Mike Pence's night to shine, but the outrage over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's speech that did not endorse Donald Trump took attention away from the vice presidential nominee. Pence
Published: 2021-04-19 08:45 pm
VP nominee Mike Pence tries to unite fractured GOP

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Atlanta overpass collapse impacts hundreds of thousands each day - 1 week ago
Construction workers in Atlanta are scrambling to try to repair a chunk of an Interstate 85 overpass that collapsed in a fire. The break is creating major disruptions and delays for commuters, as WGCL's traffic reporter Julie Smith explains on CBSN.
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Health benefits from lowering blood pressure - 4 weeks ago
New details are out from a landmark study that found patients benefit from lowering blood pressure more than previously recommended. Brian Webb reports.
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Satellite imagery spots objects possibly related to missing jet - 2 months ago
Australian officials say a coordinated search team is attempting to locate two objects in the search for Flight 370.
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Identity of ISIS' "Jihadi John" unveiled - 1 month ago
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