Consumer Reports' Dan DiClerico shares tips for optimal food storage in your fridge that will help extend its shelf life.
Published: 2021-04-19 08:42 pm
How to organize your fridge to help prevent food waste

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IRS delays tax filing deadline until May 17 - 4 weeks ago
Accountants had pressed the tax agency for more time given the challenges of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
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Oregon man causes tunnel pile-up after passing out at wheel - 2 months ago
A 19-year-old is facing criminal charges after causing a 3-car crash inside a highway tunnel. Police say Daniel Calhon passed out at the wheel because he was holding his breath. Anthony Mason reports.
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Detroit schools to reopen after teacher sick-out closures - 3 weeks ago
Thousands of students in Detroit plan to be back in school Thursday after a massive teacher sick-out Wednesday forced 88 of 97 public schools to close. The teachers CBS News spoke to say they are cutting class to protest dismal conditions of some schools,
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GOP health care plan faces opposition - 5 days ago
The Senate GOP health care bill needs support from at least 50 of the 52 Republican Senators in order to pass, but some are raising concerns. Politico health reporter Jennifer Haberkorn joins CBSN a day after the draft was released with the details.
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