Hillary Clinton speaks in Fort Pierce, Florida about her plan to expand opportunites for national service. Watch her full remarks here.
Published: 2021-04-22 01:14 pm
WATCH: Hillary Clinton speaks on national service

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Big rig catches fire in New Jersey

www.cbsnews.com - 1 month ago
A tanker overturned on a highway in New Jersey, causing a huge fire to erupt. KYW's Walt Hunter joins CBSN with more.
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YouTube star: I was crying after being kicked off Delta flight for speaking Arabic

www.cbsnews.com - 2 weeks ago
YouTube personality Adam Saleh claims he was escorted off a Delta flight for speaking in Arabic. The airline says it's investigating the incident, and that 20 passengers told flight staff they felt uncomfortable. In an interview with CBSN, Saleh reacts to
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Marco Rubio: GOP not in a "meltdown"

www.cbsnews.com - 4 weeks ago
Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio sits down with CBS News' White House Correspondent Major Garrett to discuss GOP infighting within the House of Representatives
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Texas Governor: “No doubt” immigration suit will go to the Supreme Court

www.cbsnews.com - 1 month ago
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott discusses President Obama's "unconstitutional" execution action.
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