Mother’s Day is just around the corner – it’s on Sunday, May 9th this year – so don’t be caught without a gift.
Published: 2021-04-24 07:08 am
Give your wine-loving mom what she wants with these on-sale wine gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – it’s on Sunday, May 9th this year – so don’t be caught without a gift. Prepare in advance and you’ll be able to secure the best gift for your mom with no worries.

Here’s a selection of wine-related gifts perfect for wine-loving moms on Mother’s Day – and right now, you can get an extra 20% off site-wide for a limited time with the coupon code WELOVEMOM.

Eravino Handblown Crystal Wine Carafe + Aerating Spout, $30.39 (reg. $49.99) with code WELOVEMOM


With this beautiful decanter, your mom can pour out a delicious red, allowing it to breathe and open up, with the added function of an aerator spout. The stainless steel waterfall spout improves aeration immediately upon decanting.

Eravino Handblown Crystal Wine Carafe + Holder Lid, $26.39 (reg. $49.99) with code WELOVEMOM


Another beautiful decanter with added function. Place the bottle in the decanter’s holder lid for hands-free aeration and pouring into the hand-blown glass decanter.

50% Off World Wine Tour Collection: 18 Bottles of Wine + Free Shipping, $129.60 (reg. $324) with code WELOVEMOM


Send your mom on a trip around the wine world for delicious oenological education with this selection of 18 bottles of wine at a special low price. Bottles in the selection include Wind Gap Sonoma Coast Syrah, Wine Doctor Shiraz, Hillersden Marlborough Riesling, and Wild Brush Cellars Central Coast Chardonnay among other stellar choices.

Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles, $75.19 (reg. $155) with code WELOVEMOM


Winc wine club sends a selection of bottles based on individual taste. New members complete a profile questionnaire to determine their wine matches and receive regular deliveries of matching bottles.

WAKE UP WINE Pro S: Electronic Decanter, $119.99 (reg. $299) with code WELOVEMOM


Your mom can decant her wine into this pretty electronic decanter, which will then bring out the best flavors in the wine faster. It also features a sediment strainer, glass stopper, and even a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Rabbit-Shaped Zinc Alloy Wine Opener Kit, $39.96 (reg. $59) with code WELOVEMOM


This hyper-functional and beautiful bottle opener pulls corks from bottles with style. The kit also includes a wine aerator and pump stopper to ensure the best taste and preservation of your wine.

Wine Insiders: 15 Bottles of Mixed Wines, $68.00 (reg. $85) with code WELOVEMOM


Get a selection of top-rated wine from around the world with this delivery service for wine lovers. The box contains 15 bottles for just $4.53 per bottle.

Barolo Smart Wine Decanter, $70.36 (reg. $110) with code WELOVEMOM


This smart pourer and aerator helps open up your wine to improve its taste. Touch one button and in seconds the smart wine decanter pours and aerates your wine.

Wine On Tap: Wine Oxygenator, $39.99 (reg. $130) with code WELOVEMOM


Aerate your wine as you pour it with the digital wine oxygenator. With one press of a button, the device will decant your wine, opening up the aroma and taste – in a luscious red color.

Costway 21 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/ Digital Control Black, $339.99 (reg. $509)


Help mom keep her wine at the optimal temperature and ready to drink at all times. With space for 21 bottles, she’ll never be without something to drink at the time she wants (or needs). It features a digital soft-touch control, automatic lock, and LED light for easy use.

Prices subject to change.

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