In 1996, Democrats held their convention in Chicago and Andy Rooney took note of which hotels were booked by delegates. He stayed at the Hilton
Published: 2020-10-01 04:53 pm
1996: Where to stay when attending the DNC

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being treated for cancer recurrence - 3 months ago
The announcement comes days after she was hospitalized​ to treat gallstones and an unrelated infection.
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Teen walking again after 3D-printed hip implant - 2 months ago
A 3D-printed hip implant is changing the life of a Swedish teenager who was facing the possibility of never walking again due to a rare hereditary condition.'s Nick Dietz reports.
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Trump pushes back on mysterious whistleblower report on "troubling promise" to foreign leader - 5 months ago
A mysterious whistleblower report is consuming Washington, but details are still limited. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid, CBS News intelligence and national security reporter Olivia Gazis, and Wall Street Journal reporter Shiobhan Hughes
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US executes first Black man since federal executions resumed - 4 weeks ago
Christopher Vialva was executed for a double murder he committed at 19.
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