The World Health Organization is warning of serious physical and psychological consequences from the alarming rise in obesity rates. CBS News' Teri Okita reports.
Published: 2021-05-06 01:50 pm
Childhood obesity 10 times higher than 1970s

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Four new bodies push Mount Everest death toll past yearly average - 2 months ago
A grim discovery is raising new questions about the safety of climbing Mount Everest. Four bodies were found Tuesday inside a tent at the highest camp. This year's death toll on the mountain has risen to 10. Vladimir Duthiers reports on why it may be
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Obama speaks on ISIS, gun control, tolerance in Oval Office address - 2 months ago
In a primetime speech Sunday night, President Obama said the terror attack in San Bernardino, California, shows terrorism is now in a new phase. He promised to destroy anyone who tries to harm Americans. It was the president’s first address from the Oval
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12/17: Feds arrest pharma CEO on fraud charges; Star Wars superfans in heaven over new movie - 2 months ago
Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical company CEO who caused a public uproar after drastically raising the price of a life-saving prescription drug, was arrested on Thursday; Some superfans bring their devotion to Star Wars into their every-day lives.
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New York will lift all curfews on restaurants and bars in May - 2 months ago
Restaurants and bar patrons will be allowed to stay out later starting May 31.
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