President Trump is meeting resistance from some senate Republicans as he pushes his sweeping tax plan. He called on Congress to approve his overhaul at an event in Pennsylvania Wednesday and said his plan shrinks the number of tax brackets. But many
Published: 2021-05-06 02:19 pm
Trump promises big tax cuts despite GOP resistance

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Cuomo's alleged harassment "derailed" aide's career, lawyer says - 4 months ago
Since the first allegations of sexual harassment came to light, the calls for the governor's resignation have grown to some 20 Democrats.
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Witness describes receiving Hawaii false ballistic missile alert - 1 month ago
Martha McKinnon is a teacher in Kailua, Hawaii, who received the false alarm that said a ballistic missile was heading for the island. She joined CBSN to describe her thoughts and how people around her reacted to the alert.
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Apple CEO reveals how Apple Pay service came about - 3 months ago
Apple received more than 4 million pre-orders of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the first 24 hours. CEO Tim Cook discussed the "Apple Pay" feature on Charlie Rose's PBS program.
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Sanders on NY primary, superdelegate controversy, 28 pages - 2 months ago
The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by 10 points in New York. On the eve of the key New York primary, Sanders joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss what he thinks is his path to victory in the 2016 race
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