Sheri Gouveia said she was recording her daughter Anela Rezentes at Kalama Beach in Kailua this weekend when the girl suddenly ran out of the water after spotting a shark.
Published: 2021-05-06 02:18 pm
Woman records 6-year-old daughter fleeing from shark

A 6-year-old girl’s mother captured terrifying video of a close call her daughter had with a shark while swimming in Hawaii.

Sheri Gouveia said she was recording her daughter Anela Rezentes at Kalama Beach in Kailua this weekend when the girl suddenly ran out of the water and screamed bloody murder that she had seen the very big fish, KITV4 reported.

“I was recording her being silly prior to that happening then all of a sudden she started darting out of the water and told me,” Gouveia told the station.

“By the time she came out of the water, she was hysterical,” she told KHON.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ So I ran up, but I was looking for it but couldn’t see it. I didn’t realize it was actually a shark. That’s what shocked me,” Gouveia added.

She reviewed the footage and discovered that the shark had indeed come within inches of Anela.

Sheri Gouveia was originally recording her daughter Anela Rezentes goofing off in the water at Kalama Beach.
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“I saw a shark. I didn’t notice he was behind my back. So I really wanted to run out. I was really scared,” the girl said.

Experts who reviewed the video said it appeared to be a blacktip shark, a species known to hunt for fish in shallow waters — adding that the girl was likely not in any danger from it.

Experts suggest the shark in the video was a blacktip shark, and that the girl was likely not in any danger.
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“Never, ever has something like this happened before. She’s pretty much here every other weekend. I guess there really are angels watching over my angel,” Gouveia told KHON.

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