The best-selling author, who wrote a new book of the rise and fall of the NFL superstar, reveals what's key to telling good story. For more on Hernandez's story, watch "All-American Murder: A '48 Hours' Special" reported by Patterson Saturday at 10/9c on
Published: 2021-05-09 09:48 pm
"You want characters that are interesting in a lot of different ways," says James Patterson

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Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy defends "slavery" comments - 3 months ago
Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who was feuding with the government over fees he owed, tries to clarify a controversial remark wondering whether black Americans were better off as slaves.
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Cancer free after one dose of polio virus - 3 months ago
Three years after her brain tumor was injected with polio virus, Stephanie Lipscomb was declared cancer free, an unimaginable outcome for a patient with recurrent glioblastoma. Watch Pelley's report "Killing Cancer."
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Asteroid the size of the Golden Gate Bridge to zoom by Earth - 3 months ago
The largest and fastest asteroid to pass by Earth this year is arriving on Sunday.
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Biden announces new goal to vaccinate 70% of U.S. adults by July 4th as demand for shots declines - 1 month ago
President Biden has announced a new goal in battling COVID-19, aiming to get 70% of American adults vaccinated by July 4th. But more than 20 states across the country are not ordering all the available doses allocated to them as demand for vaccines
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