More billionaires were minted in 2017 than in any other year in history, according to a new report from the charity Oxfam International. ​
Published: 2021-05-10 03:48 am
Study sheds light on the billionaire economy

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CBS Weekend News, November 15, 2020 - 7 months ago
SpaceX sends first team of astronauts to space; National Museum of the United States Army opens in Virginia
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British scientists have developed a new washing machine that uses plastic beads to help get stains out of clothes. Major U.S. hotel chains are already using the new technology and engineers say they're working on model that can be used at home. CBS'
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America's CEO: The 45th president - 2 months ago
President Trump has sold himself to America as the nation's chief executive, a billion-dollar dealmaker. What does his life as a high-profile businessman say about how he'll manage America, and is running a country anything like running a company?
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Billions of trees are lost every year, faster than human hands can plant them. One engineer has a possible solution.
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