The Rolo Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag is great for minimalists on the go and short-term travelers.
Published: 2021-06-25 01:07 pm
This $35 roll-up travel bag will put your bulky suitcase to shame

Nobody likes carrying around a bulky suitcase that not only weighs you down, but also takes up a lot of space during transport. As if you already don’t have enough to stress about when it’s time to travel!

Ditch the cumbersome suitcase for your next short vacation or camping trip, and replace it with this convenient and space-saving roll-up travel bag. You’d be surprised at how much stuff you can fit inside!

The Rolo Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag is great for minimalists on the go and short-term travelers. When empty, the Rolo is 15 times smaller than a standard rolling suitcase. If you’re staying at a hotel or AirBnB, you can just stow it under the bed or in the closet without it taking up a lot of space. 

The Rolo is made with high-quality strong fabric, military-grade mesh, and buckles to keep all your belongings safe and secure. It also has a strong metal hanging swivel hook so that you can hang it in the closet or on a door hook for added convenience. Inside you’ll find two large clothing pockets, two small pockets, and pockets to store smaller items such as socks and underwear.

When unrolled, it measures 17″ long and weighs 1.25lbs making it a breeze to carry or transport throughout your journey. If you decide to take it camping, you can even hook it onto your backpack with a carabiner and hang it on a tree branch at your campsite for easy access. When it’s rolled up, it compresses down your clothes, preventing them from making the bag wide and bulky.

The Rolo has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on Amazon. One customer says, “It can hold about 4-5 days worth of clothing. The item is sturdy, feels strong, and high quality. I was surprised at the size, it’s very tiny once you roll it up correctly.”

Take this roll-up wardrobe with you on your next adventure to make traveling a breeze! Grab it today while it’s on sale for just $34.99 (reg. $49).

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