The fight was caught caught on video by nearby fans, and some Twitter users are praising one combatant for "eating" the jabs like a champ.
Published: 2021-07-26 02:50 pm
Fan at Mariners game takes two wicked blows to the head – but remains on his feet

This is brutal to watch.

Two fans got into an altercation at Friday’s Mariners-Athletics game, where one man named Michael took two “solid” shots to the face – but managed to stay on his feet.

The fight was caught caught on video by nearby fans, and some Twitter users are praising Michael for “eating” the jabs like a champ.

After the scuffle, Michael took to Twitter to show off a bloody gash above his right eye.

“I’m fine btw! Ate them up,” he said bout the punches.

Other Twitter users chimed to voice their surprise that Michael wasn’t banged up after the blows.

“2 shots point blank and that’s all he did?,” one person tweeted in response to the clip, to which Michael replied, “First one was solid.”

He continued to engage with critics and provided his side of the story in reply tweets.

“It was a cheap shot. No way I could put my hands up while the biker dude is holding me back,” he tweeted about a bearded man who attempted to separate the men.

The unnamed man who threw the punches was removed from the game, which ended in a 4-3 Mariners win over the Athletics. Michael said he was removed from the game as well.

“Ya know sense he got tossed I had to get tossed,” Michael told another Twitter user. “But 100% people aren’t seeing the bigger picture here. If I would have swung back I would have gone to jail too and made and even bigger scene,” he continued, adding, “2 shots couldn’t drop me, I took it and smiled.”

He added that he “was on point with not swinging back” because “[I] Ain’t trying to go to jail with ya bud.”

The Post can not confirm if legal action was taken against the two males, or if MLB stepped in.

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