Published: 2021-08-05 11:52 am
Don't sleep on this exclusive deal: Yana's famous body pillow is 20% off right now

For those of us who love to curl up with a body pillow at night, Yana has one of the best around. Made from organic, luxurious textiles, it’s a great little or big spoon at night and can curl around you for lower back support. Plus, it provides a place to prop up your book or laptop while you work from the sofa during the day.

Now, with the exclusive code UNDERSCORED20, you can save 20% on the well-engineered pillow during the entire month of August. It’s the perfect opportunity to make an investment in your sleep (after all, it makes up about a third of your life!).


The brand says that it has worked hard to “perfect the art and science of tonight’s sleep,” and the contours of this U-shaped pillow reflect the thought the brand has put into its ergonomics, which “promote deep, transformative sleep.”

Hot sleepers, this is your jam too: The organic cotton and bamboo velour the pillow is made from will help keep you cool at night, whether you’re just a bit sensitive to high summer temps or you’re in that night sweats stage of your life. It’s also great for anyone who needs a little extra relaxation in their knees or joints.

Best of all, it fits in a queen bed, even with a partner sleeping in it too. Share it with them or use it as a barrier on the hottest of summer nights — it’s made for use alone or together.

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