This bird is a total “lyre.” Echo, a talented lyrebird at Australia’s Taronga Zoo Sydney, has learned how to imitate the sound of a crying baby.
Published: 2021-09-07 02:01 pm
Bird or baby? Lyrebird mimics crying infant at zoo
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Joe Biden’s climate-change plans will burn billions, won’t bring change we actually need - 9 months ago
Joe Biden will rejoin the Paris climate agreement soon after being inaugurated as president of the United States. Climate change, according to Biden, is “an existential threat” to the nation, and to combat it, he proposes to spend $500 billion each year o
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Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving sitting for Nets wasn’t a package deal - 10 months ago
The Nets’ depth got put to the test Monday, with not only Spencer Dinwiddie out with a partially torn right ACL, but stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sitting the second night of a back-to-back. Durant went 18 months without playing after rupturing his
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Fordham’s basketball past shows what’s possible with right person in charge - 8 months ago
There are some devout devotees of Rose Hill who’ve at last grown weary of constantly looking back to the magical winter of 1971. Pining for the past is the surest sign of a bleak present, and when it comes to Fordham basketball, those truths have never
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Mike LaFleur ‘challenged’ himself while taking blame for dreadful Jets offense - 3 weeks ago
Mike LaFleur pointed the finger at himself, accepting blame for the Jets' impotent offense through three games.
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